What lead should I use Pt 4 – The trilobe and cone lead

In this final section I will outline some of the more unusual leads I use, ones that are designed for a specific purpose and very effective…

Cone shaped leads – I first saw these leads being used at Grenville Lake by Dennis, a very experienced and confident angler that followed the fish around this 72 acre lake. On finding a shoal of carp he used his cone shaped PVA bags along with his self made coned leads to get his hook bait and a small food package to the possible feeding fish. The distance that he could cast was unbelievable and would get his bait onto  roving fish at 120 yards.

The distance PVA bags are supplied by thefishingbag.com, and you now can get the coned leads from the same source. This lead fits perfectly in the base of the distance bag, and when filled correctly it can be cast to extreme distances. On seeing this technique in action,I put it into practice and has a result have caught numerous carp on this method. I use these leads solely with the distance bag and they really do work. Where a normal bag falls short of a distance cast, these are bang on.

I put a video together on how to use these leads with the distance bag here – The distance bag


Cone shaped leads

The trilobe lead – Believe it or not the Trilobe has to be my favourite type of lead. I have fished areas of a lake that no-one else will fish due to thick heavy silt. Generally these areas are the ones that hold the bigger residents and are also full of natural food such as bloodworm, which obviously hold and attract carp, but not the angler. These leads are perfect for this situation.

Trilobe leads are shaped so that they sit on top of the silt instead of penetrating it, and also they rise to the surface on the retrieve making them ideal for silty or weedy waters. Also the shape is aero dynamic and does cast well making the lead very versatile. The version that I use are again in three to three and a half once sizes.

My favourite lead, the trilobe

My favourite lead, the trilobe

I was a member of the famous Mangrove syndicate a few years ago, and from my experiences there I learnt a lot about silt fishing. One particular swim, known as West End, had horrendously thick silt for around 100 yards out into the lake. I used to use trilobe leads when fishing this particular swim and more often than not caught well, with some of the lakes bigger specimens gracing my net. The swim was neglected because of the silt problem, but I found a way round it and benefited as a result of this.

On a couple of recent Angling Lines trips I have used them with some success. Castle lakes for one and the other at Brie. Both lakes had clay lined lake beds with a covering of silt. Distance leads would have plugged into the silt so it was important to use  a lead that would enter the water and sit on top of the silt. These leads sat perfect and also cast the expected 100 yards distance with ease . With their accuracy on casting and allowing the perfect presentation, I am sure that it was these leads that helped me to put extra carp on the bank in some difficult conditions.

Castle lake carp,. The lead I used was the trilobe.

A Castle lake carp, the lead I used was the trilobe.

The trilobe lead always has a place in my fishing bag and is probably one of the ones that I use the most, all year round.

I have covered some of my favourite leads that I use but there are hundreds of different sizes, types on the market. I have not even touched on the in-line leads, and I have purposely left these out of my blogs, so that perhaps someone else can write about their experiences with them. I tend not to use them too much, but they do have a place.

Paul Cooper

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3 thoughts on “What lead should I use Pt 4 – The trilobe and cone lead

  1. Duncan says:

    Hello Paul
    I too like the Trilobe style lead, particularly in the smaller sizes but have difficulty sourcing them in the UK. Where do you get yours from?

  2. Paul Cooper says:

    Hi Duncan
    I now get all my leads from the Lead Shed. For the trilobes click here:- http://leadshed.co.uk/11-swivel-trilobe
    Good quality and good price.

  3. Duncan says:

    Thanks Paul

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