What Lead Should I Use? Pt 3 – Distance Leads

So when do I need to use distanced leads? It’s self explanatory really, to cast towards my maximum casting capability which for me is anything over casts of 90 yards. I am not the best long distance caster, so I do need some assistance with the correct shaped leads for the job… 

For this work I use the tournament type leads, generally around three to three and a half ounce versions.  I find that I can cast these easily up to around 110 yards which for me is usually adequate. I know that a lot of anglers would pooh pooh this distance, but I catch fish and that is all that matters to me. I can present a bed of bait at this distance with a medium sized spomb, and also make an accurate cast as long as the weather does not become too inclement. If I am fishing slightly shorter than this I will use a throwing stick with 18 mil boilies and give a bigger spread of bait.

What leads should you use when carp fishing

A selection of distance leads

An example of my using these type of leads was on a recent trip to Nautica where I was casting around 100 yards into open water. There were no features to cast too so it was a case of making my own, by creating a tight feeding area. The lake bed was firm with a fine covering of silt which was perfect for using this type of lead. It was important to get my casts as accurate as possible and I find that I can hit the spot every time with the distance leads. I kept the same area fed all week and took 29 carp from this spot with accurate baiting and fishing.

One of my many carp caught on distance leads at Nautica

One of my many carp caught on distance leads at Nautica

Brocard Small was another lake where I put this type of lead through its paces, with a 103 yard cast onto medium soft silt, not the perfect lead but I needed to cast around 15 yards off the far margins. No doubt the lead and boilie were buried in the silt after the cast, but 18 carp found the boilie so once again a good result. I know that some anglers would concern themselves if they thought their bait was submerged under the silt, but having the hook bait under the silt does not bother me too much, as long as I have some free offerings in the near vicinity, the carp will find a slightly buried bait.

This also helped to keep my hook bait out of sight of the crayfish that at the time were very active. Sometimes due to the nature of the lake and the distance that I want to fish, I have to sacrifice the perfect set up, for second best. I just get on with it and it usually works out OK.

Paul Cooper

Again caught at over 100 yards from Brocard Small

Again caught at over 100 yards from Brocard Small


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  1. Paul Cooper says:

    Hi Duncan

    I now get all my leads from the Lead Shed. For the trilobes click here:- http://leadshed.co.uk/11-swivel-trilobe
    Good quality and good price.

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