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Tactics For Finicky Carp

Have you set your sights on a lake where this fish are shy, finicky or just down-right difficult to catch? Here’s a blog post that might help… Trev wrote: Just wondering if you could help me on my local lake.  When we have put a bed of pellets down the fish are bubbling like crazy and […]

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The Four Season Approach To Carp Fishing

Well we all know that the carp in this country act differently and feed in different ways at different times throughout the year.  Each season I have a different approach and this has helped me over the years to put a few more carp on the bank, here’s a quick overview of my tactics….   […]

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Finding The Right Combination To Catch Big French Carp

Mark Lambert explains how he found the right combination to catch carp on a very tough week out in France recently…   Recently in mid August I had an opportunity to spend nearly a full week fishing Lac Du Villefond. This is a hard lake with some very large fish and August on any lake is one of the hardest […]

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Summer Carp Fishing at Alder and a Risky Approach

Paul Cooper has just returned from a carp fishing trip to Alder, where an unusual approach really paid off…. This will be my second summer vacation to Alder Lakes, the last being in July 2012 where I banked 101 mirror carp. That particular week it averaged around 30C all week and every fish came out during […]

How to Tackle Big French Carp Lakes

French carp fishing holidays, and in particular those provided by Angling Lines, seem to be heading towards the top end of the big carp waters in France. Bigger lakes, with lower stocking density, meaning bigger and better carp for the industrious angler. This obviously means that we have to work just that bit harder to […]

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Seven Secrets to Catching Carp

Carp fishing is not rocket science. We are trying to catch a fish. But this fish is a master of its environment and can adapt extremely well to angler pressure, with a little thought and effort though we can stack the chances back on our side. Here then are my ‘Seven Secrets to Catching More […]

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Tackling Big French Carp Lakes – Finding Features

How confident are you about fishing a 3 acre lake, or maybe a 4 acre lake or even a 10 acre lake? Most anglers would say that they’d know the features to bait up to:- snags, overhanging trees, island margins, the edge of weed beds to name but a few. Now lets increase the size of […]

why you should fish to the margins

10 reasons why you should fish the margins!

One of our most popular blogs, here’s ten 10 reasons you shouldn’t neglect the margins… Over the years I have been carp fishing both in France and the UK I have lost count of the number of carp I have caught fishing the margins. I would go as far as to say it is my […]

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Accurate Casting – Hitting The Mark, Every Time!

Many anglers turn up at the lake, spend hours meticulously studying the water for signs of fish, settle on a peg and chuck out the marker float. They find a bar or area of gravel and pop the marker up. Now to get the rods and spod out! I still see numerous anglers just casting […]


Birds diving on carp bait – what can I do?

Question: I am fishing a 3 acre lake which I have caught plenty of fish from with a good stock of doubles and 20’s.  It is shallow with most areas being 3-4ft or less. The bottom is mainly silty with some harder areas in places. There is a large island in the middle of the […]

Advice on Fishing Beaurepaire

Recently an angler heading out to Beaurepaire asked for some baiting advice from our blogger Pat Gillett, who recently spent a week at the venue (you can read about his trip here). We thought it would be worth sharing Pat’s indepth reply… Hi, First of all let me say, that I am sure you will enjoy […]

Best Months To Fish In France?

Paul asks; What month would be best to book for fishing in France?   I think you could ask this question of 100 people and get a different answer each time. Usually April through to October is the main season.  March and November can be less reliable due to the weather which will affect the water temperatures and consequently the […]

Beware of TIMS!

Shaun Harrison explains his gripe with the TIMS (Thoughtless Inconsiderate Mallet Society) and offers some advice… This year I decided to spend a little more time on a local venue before the otters move in and wipe the fish out. Unfortunately the so called do-gooders are still releasing otters into an environment struggling to cater for their […]

4 Years Specimen Carping in France at Boux

A great account by Jason Rider of four years fishing 14 acre Boux, set in the Morvan Regional Park. Famously the lake where Tim Paisley had his first fifty, it’s still a haven for carp anglers to this day… 2008 My first impressions of Domaine De Boux in April 2008 were nice enough but I had no […]

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Shaun Harrison’s Short Session Tips

Being totally addicted to getting out there and wetting a line, a lot of my angling has to involve very short sessions after or before work if I am able to get my ‘fix’. This past week has seen me on the bank 3 times for short two to three hour sessions, but during those […]

A Few Things about Silkweed

Here is a question Shaun Harrison received about silkweed which he thought would be of benefit to share… Shaun, I’ve got a question about silkweed which I’d be very grateful if you could answer when you have a spare moment as I’m sure you’re a very busy man.  In your opinion how do you think […]

Spring baiting for carp fishing

Spring baiting and general approach – now!

Late winter and early spring is one of my favourite times to be out on the bank. With the longer daylight hours it seems the whole of the natural world knows it’s time to start altering their habits once again and everything slowly unfolds back into life. I am sure the longer hours of daylight […]