Tying knots in Korda Hybrid T Stiff Link

Tying Knots in Korda Hybrid Stiff hooklink

Here’s two knots I promised to show you; To tie a loop in your Hybrid Stiff hooklink This knot is incredibly simple. Just tie two overhand knots and gently pull tight, preferably over the steam from a kettle, or underwater to keep maximum knot strength. Tying to a ring swivel. This is the other simple […]

Running Rigs for carp

Why I prefer running rigs for carp

In this post David Harding explains why he recommends running rigs on his lake; You can imagine my thoughts when asked to write an article on the running rig, firstly by trying to remember when I first used it. My mind went back to as far as I can remember to Lincoln 1958 and it consisted […]


Winter Carp Fishing – The Ice Rig

David writes; The Winter fishing at Vaux this year has been superb – see the January 28th Blog post here In this post from Chas, the owner of Vaux, he gives away one of his winter edges… his Ice Rig! From May 2002 when we bought Vaux until March 2004 when it was opened as […]

Chod rig

The Chod Rig – My way!

The Chod Rig has to be one of my most my favoured rigs. I’ve opted to use it for the majority of my sessions lately, and with some personal touches I think it’s as perfect as I can get it. Instead of using leadcore I use a 48-inch Tungsten Ex-Heavy Leader from TFG and instead […]


Snag fishing for carp the safe way

When fishing snags, tree lines or next to awkward features you will generally have more success if you place the rig tight under the tree coverage or very close to the snag during the day. The reason is that many carp, especially in pressured waters, tend to hold up tight under the trees or directly […]

Safety clip with pin

Effective carp rigs – don’t let them get away with it!

I recently watched the Korda Underwater videos and what struck me was just how often a fish will come into a swim feed hard, probably suck in your bait, yet give you hardly any indication at all. I remember a similar situation when I was fishing on my own venue a few winter’s ago. In […]

PVA Carp Rig

The PVA carp rig

PVA RIG MADE EASY One of my favourite methods of carp fishing is using PVA bags. It can be an absolutely deadly method of catching carp, because it presents a bed of bait you choose to use, with your hook bait disguised in amongst it. The rig can be cast a long distance when assembled […]

Carp fishing braid

Should I use Braid in France?

Michael wrote: This is going to be my 1st adventure of France. I have been carp fishing a few years and know the basics that get me by in the UK. I was looking for advice mainly on essential fishing in France obviously a lot of the fish are much bigger than what i catch. […]

Leader knot for carp fishing

Carp rigs – shock leaders, lines & knots… what you need to know!

Long range casting is something we all want to achieve. Modern carp gear is better and more efficient in this area than ever before, and relatively modest rods and reels are capable of huge distances. So for most anglers you don’t necessarily need the hugely expensive tackle to improve your distance. A fine tuning of […]

Carp hook link

If I had to choose just one carp hooklink material…

Now I think everyone will agree that the most important part of any carp fishing set up is the last few inches in the water, ie your rig and end tackle. Yes a powerful long distance rod, hi-tec bait boat or top of the range food bait boilies all have their role to play in […]

Carp fishing leader knot

My 4 favourite carp fishing knots

Carp anglers need to be able to tie strong and reliable knots in order to successfully land the fish they hook. Now many people get confused by the vast array of knots that are possible in fishing but I use just four knots for virtually all my fishing.   Knotless Knot: This has now become […]