building swims on a carp fishing lake

Developing A Carp Lake – Decked Swims Under Way

Lee & Tracy have been developing great additions to the Glehias lakes. In 2014 they completed the wonderful floating cabin and now they’re paying particular attention to the swims on the lake… Last winter, over a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows, we discussed what lake projects and general maintenance projects would take priority this year. Due to water […]

Stocking Carp in a French Lake – 10 Things To Consider

If you run a commercial carp lake in France stocking it with carp is likely to be one of the biggest money outlays you make.  Here’s the things I have learnt; 1. Before you even start to think about buying a lake and running your own carp fishery sit down and work out your finances, as […]

how to manage a carp lake

Development Of A Carp Lake On A Budget

In the February of 2010, I was thrown into the deep end by taking on a local estate lake and running a carp syndicate on the lake. I had been a member of the syndicate for a number of years and had fished there since 1985. When I first fished the lake there were 12 […]

Carp Fishing Swim in France

Buying A Carp Lake In France – 3 Priceless Articles

We’ve featured these articles before on the Blog but we get asked the same question so many times in the office here at Angling Lines –  “How do I go about buying a carp lake in France?” – that we thought it worth repeating where you can find out. John London, Bletiere‘s owner, put together […]

owning a carp fishing lake

Creating A Carp Fishery – An Owners Account

Over the nine years we have now been here at Bletiere I get asked a lot of times what sort of water are we in the respect of whether we class ourselves as a runs water, intermediate water or a hard big fish water. The simple answer I give is that I do not know, or […]

Lillybelle Receives It’s First Carp Stocking!

Here’s the first carp going into the brand new Lillybelle lake… & what cracking carp they are! The carp were stocked on 17th December ’13.  In total 104 carp were stocked, average size of mid 20’s & the largest was 31lb.  Around 80% of the fish stocked were mirrors because most of the original stock […]

Carp fishing in france with accommodation cabin

Introducing the Floating Cabin at Glehias

After a total of 40 long days’ work in weekends and many evenings over the winter period, our ambitious Floating Cabin project was finally finished at Glehias just in time for the start of our open season. All powered with gas and solar panel, it is fitted out with an oven, hob and grill, fridge, […]

bletiere carp lake improvements

Winter Work Update from Bletiere

Lesley gives us an update from Bletiere in this short video diary. It’s mid-January and John is in the lake, raking debris from the bottom. You’ll also find where the carp have made dishes in the lake bed. For more information on Bletiere follow the link – Fishing Holidays

Notaires Carp Fishing Weather

Lake and Weather Monitoring at Notaire’s

Notaires Lake share the results of the first quarter’s lake and weather monitoring at Notaires with anglers who are interested in all aspects of their sport. Late September – early October was exceptionally sunny and warm and the air sensor went over 30 degrees C. This is probably a slight over-estimate – I’ll have to […]

Liming a Carp Lake

Liming a Lake – Carp Lake Management

Paul Cooper answers a reader’s question regarding liming carp lakes. ‘Hi Paul, Sorry to disturb you. I read your great article on the Angling Lines website about Winter Carp Lake Maintenance and want to pick your brain about the liming. The venue I run is very similar in size and all the reasons you list […]

lillypool french carp fishing

Life as a Bailiff – Pt 1, A Dream Come True?

Like many British carp anglers, the thought of one day living and working in France as an Owner or Bailiff on a carp fishery has never been far from the forefront of my future thoughts and aspirations. Four years ago, whilst on a fishing trip to France, I met Martin, one of the owners of […]

jonchery fishing holidays carp lake management

Annual Netting at Jonchery

Around this time in France fish farmers are in full swing managing the nettings on their many lakes. It is because of this that Heather and I made a trip over to France this November.  We called in to visit the Bacheliers, who were going to be netting both Jonchery and Brocard Large over two […]

water temperatures on carp lake

Water Monitor Installed at Notaires

I have seen from the forums that there is a great deal of interest in the environmental conditions at the various carp lakes. I am pleased to announce that Notaires Lakes now has live online monitoring which can be seen here. The system is based around the famous Raspberry Pi “computer on a credit card”. We […]

notaires fishing in france with accommodation

Hello Kitty or Hell-No Kitty? – Living the Dream’s blog

Steph Dagg, who writes the ‘living the dream’ blog is the owner of Notaires and Alder carp lakes. Treacle, our pretty, fluffy cat with a wonky tail, has been back to the vet’s. Some animals are very cheap to run, remaining steadfastly healthy all their lives. Others aren’t, and Treacle comes into the latter category. […]

new stock at mas bas carp lake

Stocking Update at Mas Bas – Two New Fifties and a Forty!

Spring seems to have finally sprung at Mas Bas. The weather has been absolutely atrocious over the past couple of months. We have had rain virtually every day and Gilles has impatiently been waiting for the opportunity to drain down the main lake and remove all the surplus grass carp which have become more and […]


Things to do for Non-Anglers – Local French Markets

For our non-fishing guests at Bletiere I supply a folder of things to do & this year I have added a list of brocantes (markets) in the local area. The brocantes take place on a Sunday and last most of the day and they range from a small village to the bigger towns where all the […]