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Carp Fishing in France

As carp fishing gets ever more popular each year, so more anglers look to Europe for their fishing and in particular - France. Most of the waters in the UK which hold fish over 35lb are either exclusive syndicate waters or cost a small fortune to fish. France then, can offer the chance of large carp for everybody. A word of caution however, not all French lakes hold giant carp, many struggle to produce a 30 and they are not all easy either. The photos in the UK Carp Magazines give the false impression that you just have to turn up and cast out and you'll haul in 40 pounders, this just isn't the case.

So how does one go about planning that first trip to France?
On the site you can search over 33 tried and tested venues, based on fish size, number of anglers and travelling distance. These waters are well run with good stocks of fish and secure premises, we vet them closely to make sure they have the fish and facilities advertised and you'll be able to read articles & watch videos from our experienced field testers. All have toilets and showers on offer. Some will have luxury cabins and lakeside houses depending on your requirements. 

Take a look through the feedback to see how each lake fishes at different times of year, none of this feedback is altered and comes direct from the anglers.

Travel Options
From the UK you have a number of alternatives for travelling over to France.

Firstly there are the ferry routes, which are operated by several companies. We work with P&O, Brittany Ferries and LD Lines. We can advise you on the best ferry ports available to minimise driving time both here and in France to your chosen venue. Dover - Calais ferry crossings with P&O are the most frequent and often the cheapest.

Secondly there is the Channel Tunnel. It is by far the fastest route and hardly ever suffers from delays. You'll be on the other side in 35 minutes.

Fishing Permits
If you come with us you don't need a licence to fish on 99% of the waters we run. If you do we'll sort it out for you.

First trip to France?
You can find plenty of helpful articles on preparing for your first French carping trip over on our blog; First Carp Fishing Trip To France'

Technical carping
The Angling Lines blog is also a great source of advice for all aspects of carp fishing, find 100's of articles here; Technical Carping

Passport & other Documents
A valid passport is required - please don’t leave this until the last minute! If traveling by car or minibus, your insurance, driving license and owners registration documents should also be taken.

Travel Insurance
It really does make sense to take out travel insurance and it doesn't cost that much – typically under £20 for 10 days cover... but even better YOUR FISHING TACKLE IS COVERED TOO!. Working with Travel & General we've put together a policy that not only gives you personal cover but also insures your tackle for up to £2,000... so if you've not got it covered already this is a great way to do it. Click here for details.

Driving in France
Driving in France is usually a pleasure - the roads and motorways are not as crowded as in England and pass through some wonderful scenery. We will supply you with detailed directions and information on motorway tolls etc, so you are well prepared. The costs of diesel and petrol is generally much cheaper and the motorways have numerous service stations and rest areas where you can stop and rest or picnic in pleasant surroundings. Click here to learn more about driving in France.

Plan a Route
We use the Michelin Web site to help us plan the best routes to a venue in France. You can choose the quickest route (usually using motorways which charge tolls) or the more scenic journey. Click here to access the site.

The Language
Even if you speak no French at all the language need not be a problem. Most venues are English spoken and we will also provide you with a sheet of useful words and phrases. However, because we have booked everything in advance there should be no real problems for you to contend with. You will always find the owners of the lakes helpful and welcoming and we remain only a phone call away at any time….you can call both our French and English numbers.

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