What leads should you use when carp fishing

What Lead Should I Use? Pt 3 – Distance Leads

So when do I need to use distanced leads? It’s self explanatory really, to cast towards my maximum casting capability which for me is anything over casts of 90 yards. I am not the best long distance caster, so I do need some assistance with the correct shaped leads for the job…  For this work […]

weight lead for distance casting fishing

What Size Lead for Maximum Casting Range?

Question:   Hi Shaun, .I’ve currently got the Freespirit XS rods. I’m fishing a lake at present which involves a fair chuck. What weight lead can I get away with? Cheers, Lee Nichols Shaun Answered:  Hi Lee, . I found 3 1/2′s went best for me on my X.S. but I did occasionaly use 4oz in big side […]

pva bags for carp fishing

Use solid PVA bags for long range carp fishing.

by Ian Gemson Solid PVA bags are excellent for getting a wide verity of baits and liquids out into the swim with your hook bait. However, when fishing at range, PVA bags can be problematic. The first problem is making a solid bag tight and aerodynamic such that it flies straight and true. The second […]