Watersmeet carp lake is netted

The day arrived & Lauren was nice and early… let the netting begin! We also thought that we would do a stock take at the same time, as disaster had struck back in April.  Contrary to rumour and speculation we had lost a third of our fish due to the early hot weather, which made […]

Power shower for carp anglers… surely not?

We’ve made one or two improvements at Watersmeet for the start of the 2011 season; We’ve installed a separate shower cubicle in the bathroom which we think will go down very well – it’s a great shower! In the kitchen we’ve upgraded the TV which now also supports a usb port and has a cd […]

Watersmeet Top Lake netted & new carp added

We took the decision at the end of last season to net the top lake. 2010 had been a good year for fishing on the top lake and kids and grown-ups alike had had great fun. However, we felt the time was now right to get rid of the roach and the very small carp. […]

Winter carping in France at Watersmeet

Rewards on a cold winter day at Watersmeet Here’s the account of Leo & Daves recent trip to Watersmeet (weekend of 14th January); We arrived Friday, around mid-morning.  We were set up and the rods were in by midday.  Leo has the first fish on within an hour of putting his rods out, tight on […]

The Lamb Families week at Watersmeet carp lake

Watersmeet – dreams are made of this! Arrived about 4’ish on Sunday with the weather a little overcast. Unpacked & put a rod out down near the house & within an hour I had my first fish from Watersmeet, a lovely 8lb Koi (first ever one!) After some dinner popped over to the small lake […]

What carp lake owners do at Easter….

Back to Watersmeet for Easter.  I could write a list of all the things we did while we were here in preparation for the start of the season, but I think just a few photos tells the story; Jessica and me painting one of the many benches Mum age 76 painting the BBQ Dad… bit […]

Owning a French carp fishery… but living in England

After looking for many years for the right place we finally found it at Watersmeet. Our problem was always going to be the fact that we would be owners not living in France, so our choice had to be somewhere we could get to for a long weekend, otherwise it wouldn’t work. We run a […]