lillypool big common carp in France

VIDEO: 53lb Lake Record Common at Lillypool

2017 is off to an excellent start with a new lake record at Lillypool of 53lb 2oz, and a new common personal best for bailiff Richard too. This common was caught on a February session on the lake. Watch the video below to see the new record and a very happy angler!

lillybelle carp lake stocking in france

Lillybelle Netting and Stocking

Some photos from the netting and additional stocking of 20 carp at Lillybelle this February.  This lovely 5.5 acre carp lake was first stocked back in 2013 with 104 carp to compliment the existing fish in the lake. Since then a few hand-picked carp have been introduced most years. For more information on Lillybelle follow the link […]

bletiere carp fishing in france with accommodation

Four Carp Fishing Venues For The Summer Holidays

If you’re looking for a family holiday this summer with some carp fishing included then take a look at the following four French carp fishing lakes. All have a week or two still available in the summer holidays this year and offer great fishing, accommodation and facilities for all the family.

villefond carp fishing lake in france

2017 Plans for Villefond

Villefond is embarking on a project to provide lakeside cabin accommodation for the upcoming 2017 season, amongst many other improvements. Here’s manager Mark with the latest… 2016 was a great year for us here at Lac Du Villefond and we are working towards a better 2017. We have some really big plans for Villefond and […]

carp fishing france stocking

Netting and Stocking at Furet

The netting at 19 acre Etang du Furet has now been completed – many carp under 20lb were removed, alongside many kilos of tench, crucian carp and silver fish. This means that the balance in the lake has returned back to a very healthy level and the average weight caught in the coming year should be very […]

bletiere carp lake in the winter

Happy New Year From Bletiere

An update from John and Karen, owners of Bletiere, as they prepare to welcome anglers in the 2017 season… Bonjour from France. Where to Start. May be a quick,  time has just run away with us at La Bletiere. We now have some black bass residing in the lake, they were delivered back in December as […]

carp fishing in france with accommodation

Introducing… Tylan’s Lake

A venue we are very excited to introduce, Tylan’s Lake is a must-visit for anyone looking for quality accommodation on the banks of a private carp fishing lake. The large stone house and its extensive covered terrace overlook a sweeping lawned garden which leads to an idyllic little lake. Previously a private family home for many […]

french carp fishing winter

Capturing Another Villefond 50lb Carp

  Fishery manager Mark Lambert fills us in on the latest news from big carp water Villefond… 2016 has been a great year for Lac du Villefond, producing lots of big fish and increasing our lake record to 65lb+. Lots of new carp breaking the 50lb+ barrier for the first time, one of which is […]

carp fishing in france with accommodation

A Family Fishing Holiday To Mas Bas

Join Pete Castle and his family as they travel to Mas Bas Lotus Lake in search of a great fishing holiday. Complete with carp lake, lakeside accommodation and private swimming pool, the video showcases what a fantastic venue it is for the whole family. Want more info on Mas Bas? Click here – Carp Fishing in […]

Carp Fishing France

Brocard Small Receives 50 Carp

  The Brocard Lakes are netted annually, where many silverfish, zander and roach are removed. The carp are passed back over the net and returned to the lake. This year also saw the addition of many new carp, all spawned and grown on by the lake’s owners. Here’s bailiff Mark with more information… All netting […]

watersmeet luxury carp fishing with accommodation

Improvements At Watersmeet

Watersmeet saw new ownership this year and since closing for the season in September they have wasted no time in making improvements. This little venue has always been a firm favourite for many of our regulars looking for the full package and is set to be even more impressive for the 2017 season. Here’s owner […]

Carp Fishing at Brocard Lake France

Brocard Large Video And Photos From Netting

  Here is a short aerial video of Brocard Large during the drain down and netting this November. We also managed to get some great photos as the carp were returned to the lake. 39 acre Brocard Large is drained and netted each year, small roach and zander are removed and the carp stock safely passed […]

carp fishing holidays at Jonchery

Jonchery Video And Photos From Netting

  A short aerial video of Jonchery during the drain down and netting this November and also photos from the stock check including a cracking shot of the big ghost carp on many anglers ‘wanted’ list! 30 acre Jonchery is drained and netted each year, small roach and zander are removed and the carp stock safely […]

bletiere carp fishing holidays in france

The La Bletiere Experience

  Terry and Steve have just returned from an Autumn trip to Bletiere, a  beautiful little carp fishing venue in the heart of the French countryside with lakeside accommodation… ‘The wonder of the world, The beauty and the power, The shapes of things, Their colours, lights and shades, These I saw, Look ye also while […]


The Brie Carp You’ll Want On Your Hitlist

  Fifteen-acre carp lake Brie is well loved for two reasons – it’s unbeatable setting and the stunning carp that it holds. Here’s our pick of the residents you’ll want to set your sights on… The lake has been carefully and selectively stocked over the years with carp bred by the lake’s owners, the Bachelier […]

Brocard Lakes carp fishing in france

5 Big Carp Fishing Lakes For Large Groups

. Are you struggling to find a French carp lake that can accommodate a large group of anglers? Here’s our pick of the best big French carp fishing lakes that cater for 10-16 anglers, making it ideal for that annual social…   1. Blue Lake (up to 10 anglers)   You can expect lots of action […]