Facilities for disabled carp anglers

Wheelchair angler returns to Vaux

Ian returned to Vaux this September for the third time, bringing his wheelchair bound father, Tony, for his second visit.  Tony required Ian’s constant care and assistance to hook and land fish and with little strength in his upper body there were some losses of larger carp.  But he still achieved his aim to catch […]


Disabled anglers fishing platform

From the Reels on Wheels blog; As everyone involved with angling for the less able will know finding a fishery with platforms that are usable for everyone can be a big headache, so with this in mind I (on behalf of Reels On Wheels) have been working on a solution. This is what I have […]

wheelchair angler at Vaux

Carp fishing venues suitable for disabled anglers

  Hi, The reason i haven’t booked a holiday with you is I’m wheelchair bound. I signed up to your newsletters hoping to find somewhere accessible.  If you could send me info on all the lakes that cater for disabled I’ll be more than happy to book a holiday. Been looking for 2 years and nothing […]