carp spawning what time in year

What time of year do the carp spawn?

Rich asks; What time of year do the carp spawn? Hi Rich, Spawning time is purely a matter of water temperature and mostly late May or June is the spawning period in France.  A warm spring or mild winter can bring it on early (I’ve even known them start in March) and some lakes will start sooner than […]

carp spawning

What month do the carp spawn in France?

Robert Fisher wrote: Please could you tell me the average spawning dates in France. Hi Robert, This is a very difficult question to reply to as there are so many factors involved. Much depends on the depth of the lake, the amount of sun it recieves and other factors that might effect water temperature such […]

spawning carp

Can you catch carp at spawning time?

Chris Davis wrote: Is it possible to catch carph when they are spawning? I know it’s a lot more difficult but is it still worth going? Hi Chris,  Yes fish can be caught when they are spawning or at least just before and just after, as during the actual spawning they won’t feed. Firstly not […]

Alder French Carp lake

Grosley and spawning carp

Jamie Simpson wrote this excellent write up about his recent trip to the Angling Lines venue at Grosley sur Risle on the Quest baits blog. By Jamie simpson I recently went on a week long trip to Lac De Grosley in France. A well run 25acre venue in Normandy, and only a 2 1/2 hour […]