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carp fishing france at etang du furet

Assault on Etang Du Furet

  We asked Matt Linstead to give us an account of his memorable fishing trip to 19-acre Etang du Furet this year, which culminated in two impressive 50lb+ carp…

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Technical Carping


How Do I Prevent Crayfish Eating My Bait?

Question from Will; I don’t see how putting a coating or netting around a bait will stop a crayfish from taking your bait? Hi Will, You are right there is nothing you can do to stop a crayfish eating your bait. What you can do is slow it down considerably, so that you are confident that […]


7 Tips for Combating Crayfish in Carp Lakes

Crayfish occur naturally in most lakes & rivers in France.  The carp love to eat them & almost without exception where there’s large carp you’ll find crayfish too… they are an excellent source of protein which makes the carp grow very quickly. Under normal circumstances they are not a problem to anglers but in the […]

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General Interest

old oaks carp lake in france

Great Photos From Old Oaks

Rob Johnson’s party had an excellent session on Old Oaks two weeks ago with 3 x 50’s, 8 x 40’s and 12 x 30’s on the bank. Here is the full feedback and photos… Holiday date: Sat 26th Aug to Sat 2nd Sep 2017 Name of customer: Rob Johnson Number of anglers: 4 Details of your catches: Swim […]

Need the lake, the accommodation AND the swimming pool?

  We know it can be difficult convincing the rest of the family that your carp fishing holiday will be the perfect getaway for them too. We also know we’ve got a handful of venues that tick all the boxes; excellent fishing, accommodation and the swimming pool. Take a look at these; 1. Mas Bas Mas […]

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Owning a Carp Lake

Beware the rat

Beware The Rat! 10 Tips To Avoid Weil’s Disease Whilst Fishing

This really is invaluable advice for any carp angler, big thanks to Jamie Simpson for these tips on how to avoid Weil’s Disease whilst fishing… Ever heard of a disease called – Leptospirosis? No? … didn’t think so! How about Weil’s disease? Leptospira interrogans are a microscopic corkscrew-shaped bacterium which causes the disease leptospirosis. This is carried […]

running and owning a french carp fishing lake

Owning a Carp Lake : An Interview with Bruno Simond 

During his recent trip to Deux Iles, our field tester Mike Linstead took the opportunity to find out a little more about the lakes owner, Bruno Simond and his fascinating journey towards setting up his exciting lake.  At 23 Bruno Simond is one of the youngest lake owners in France. As a dedicated carp angler […]

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